Win In Business By Letting Go Of Your Excuses

If you want to win in business, it will require you to do things you don’t want to do. It will probably stretch you in ways you don’t want to be stretched. It will cause you to look at things you may not want to look at. That’s where your excuses come in. Getting rid of them is paramount to your success in business.

You need to look at the excuses you’re making. Because you can have your excuses and your reasons and your justifications about why you can’t be a successful marketer or you can have your business exactly as you want it, but you can’t have both. Please don’t fool yourself into thinking you can.

The reasons that people don’t have what they want in their lives are as numerous as the stars. Just think about how many excuses you’ve given yourself about why you haven’t lost weight, stopped smoking, doubled your income, quit your job and started your own business, written the book you’ve been wanting to write, etc.

Most excuses sound like one of the following. These are the surface level excuses. These are the excuses we give ourselves and others. They sound valid and justifiable and some of them may even be true.

If any of these ring true for you, your excuses have got you.

I’m tired.

I don’t know what to do.

I don’t know how to do it.

I’ve got to pay the bills.

I don’t know the right people.

I don’t understand technology.

I’m not a marketer.

I don’t want to lose my friends.

I don’t like change or the unknown.

It’s too much work.

It will be too hard and too painful.

My spouse doesn’t support me.

To those excuses, I say, SO WHAT – NOW WHAT?

Nothing great was ever accomplished by a bunch of tired, irresponsible, lazy, broke, unmotivated people… and nothing ever will.

Now let’s get a little more real. If we take those excuses to a deeper level, they may sound like this:

I’m afraid to fail.

I’m afraid to succeed.

I’m afraid of what “they” will think.

I’m afraid to let people down.

The old saying, “People would rather live in the hell they know than the heaven they don’t.” really applies here.

I promise you that it takes a lot more time, energy, money and more to squelch yourself, your desires, your dreams.

So, let’s take these excuses down to the deepest level. These are the excuses we do everything we can to hide from ourselves.

It’s really not fear that stops you from your dreams. Fear is nothing more than your ego’s way of protecting you from discovering that the core, negative beliefs you have about yourself are true.

So, I’m afraid to fail becomes, “I am a failure.”

I’m afraid to succeed also becomes, “I am a failure” because a fear of success is the same thing as a fear of failure.

I’m afraid of what they will think becomes, “I don’t love myself” because if you really loved yourself and knew you were priceless, it wouldn’t matter what “they” think.

I’m afraid to let people down becomes, “I’m a disappointment.”

So take a look at all of your excuses. Go deep. Go to the core. Admit what you don’t want to. Own it. The moment you do that, you’re free. You’re free to be a success. You’re free to become as wealthy as you would like and you’re free to live the life you’ve always wanted and most surely, you’ll start to win in business.

Darshan G. Shanti, “The 24 Hour Champion” is a Business and Life Turnaround Specialist: His particular expertise is working with small to mid-sized businesses that are actively dying and bringing them back to life in 24 hours…or less. Whether he’s on the stage speaking to 1000s, tightly huddled together in a small group workshop, or working one on one with a CEO, Darshan will transform your most important, valuable assets and the real bottom line; you and your people.