Wines to Serve With Pasta


It is impossible to recommend a particular wine to go with every pasta dish, but there are a few guidelines you can follow. If you know where the dish comes from, choose a wine from the same region. If a red or a white wine is used in the cooking of the sauce, select a good-quality wine for cooking and serve the rest with the meal, Otherwise, look at the main ingredient of the sauce and choose a wine that is recommended for that. Many pasta sauces are strong-tasting, garlicky or spiced with chiles, and some are served with mature Parmesan or pecorino cheese; for these you will need to choose a robust, full-flavored wine.


A great red wine from Piedmont. Full- bodied and complex in favor. Good with poultry and meat sauces.


A medium-bodied red from Piedmont, which varies from young and slightly sparkling to rich and concentrated in flavor. Good with meat lasagne.


This fresh-tasting, light and fruity red from Veneto is very good to serve with poultry sauces.


A full-bodied red made in Piedmont from Nebbiolo grapes. Good with red meat and game sauces.

Castel del Monte

Full-bodied smooth red and rosé wines from Puglia. Good with poultry and meat.


Famous, uncomplicated red from Tuscany. Look for Chianti Classico serve with red meat, poultry and game sauces.


Fresh, zingy white and full-bodied red from Calabria. Drink the white with fish and shellfish sauces, the red with red meat and game sauces.

Est! Est!! Est!!!

A clean-tasting, dry white from the Lazio region. It is good with fish and shellfish sauces.


A crisp and fruity dry white from the town of Frascati, which is near Rome in the Lazio region. Good with the very spicy Amatriciana sauce.


This effervescent red from Emilia- Romagna is good with pork and rich meat sauces.

Orvieto Secco

Dry white, from the town of the same name in Umbria. Serve with fish, shellfish and poultry sauces.

Pinot Grigio

A fresh, fruity dry white from Friuli-Venezia. It is good with any sauce or pasta dish.


Light, dry white from Veneto made from Garganega grapes. It is good with any sauce or pasta dish, and is reasonably priced.


Fruity red, sometimes with a bitter aftertaste, from Veneto. The name means “valley of many cellars.” It is good with red meat sauces.


This perfumed red from Lombardy is made from Nebbiolo grapes. Look for Grumello, Inferno, Sassella and Valgella. It is good with rich meat, poultry and game sauces.


Crisp, dry white with character from Marche in central Italy. It comes in a carved bottle shaped like a Roman amphora. Good with all kinds of fish and shellfish sauces.


Rich, nutty red from the island of Sardinia that goes well with fish and shellfish sauces.