Winning Tips For Wives

Being a wife in today’s world is extremely challenging. This is because today’s wife is a wife, a mother, a professional, sometimes a student. Therefore, the modern wife is no longer playing the traditional roles of housewife, housekeeper, among others. That means that we do not necessarily have wives who will always be there for us when we go back home. Therefore, the tip that says, “be good to go back home to”, might not apply.

Some wives today have husbands who are not gainfully employed. Such wives find themselves playing a traditionally husband’s and father’s role.

Some wives, owing to high intellect, high education, superior training, among others, are better placed in managing family finances, running the home administratively better, than the husband, and so on.

Unfortunately, some wives have husbands who, although they are working, and evening earning very well, are drunkards, and do not contribute a single penny to the running of the house. If anything, they get the family into untold debt, and untold trouble.

Based on the foregoing, wives find themselves in some very trying situations, and they do not know what to do. Some pack up their belongings and go, some kick their husbands out of the home, some are kicked out of the home, and some tolerate all kinds of abuses from insecure husbands, who find that their wives are much smarter than them, among other challenges.

In this article, I intend to give general tips to wives, without going too much into the modern challenges facing women today.

The tips are as follows:

  1. Do not be antagonistic. Your husband is not an angel, and will no doubt offend you from time to time. Do not be antagonistic. Be submissive. Today’s world is preaching equality, among other things. A submissive wife, however, will in a big way save her family from a lot of turmoil. Men do not do too well with antagonistic wives. Submissiveness will require a lot of patience. Muster that patience. Approach your husband, whatever the situation may be, with a smile. Start by commending him for one reason or another. I believe no husband is 100% bad. Commend him, for instance, for his financial management skills, and for how much the family has benefited as a result. Once you’ve done that, you’ve made a man feel “big”. Then kindly present your query. It will work like magic!
  2. Do not say, “no sex today, dear, I have a headache”, too often. Firstly, sex will relieve your headache, if you don’t know! Secondly, deny a man sex too often, equals, in their view, rejection. Once a man feels rejected, you expect all kinds of trouble. His motivational level will fly way down. His job performance will be at its lowest ebb. He’ll no longer take you out for dinner. He’ll no longer buy you a bouquet of flowers. He might forget your birthday or anniversary.
  3. Initiate sex sometimes. This will yield immediate excellent results. It will show on his motivation. You will no doubt be taken out for dinner very often. Bouquets of flowers will be many. Your anniversary will be great. His job performance will be excellent. He’ll even get a promotion!
  4. Give him sex dates. This will work as in number 3 above.
  1. Dress and groom yourself so he wants you rather than his secretary, or any other female acquaintance he frequently gets into contact with. It is best if you make him prefer you, at all times over any other lady. Secondly, watch your weight. Never allow yourself to gain so much weight that your bridal figure disappears. 30 years after your wedding, you should not have gained more than 5 kilogrammes. Weight gain around the menopausal period is understood. However, keep fit by being on the best possible diet, and exercising for at least 30 minutes, three times a week. Thirdly, exercise will also enhance your performance in bed. Never forget that man’s greatest longing is intimate relationships.
  2. Men might not be that good in grooming themselves. Help him kindly with suggestions regarding how best to groom himself. Do this kindly, and without any antagonism.
  3. Develop an interest in what interests him. For instance, if he has an interest in football, and he’s watching the world-cup final match, do not be too tired to watch it with him. Men like companions out of their wives.
  4. Be conversant with his job or business, so that whenever there’s a professional function, you can easily interact with his professional friends.
  5. Step in kindly, humbly and submissively when he appears to be less competent than you are in any family-related issue, be it financial management, children’s discipline, among other areas. This will benefit the whole family in a big way.
  6. Should you suspect that he is having an affair, try suggestions 2, 3 and 4.

I trust that, if you try out the above tips, you will definitely realize the positive results after a short time. I myself am a husband, and therefore an authority of sorts in this topic.