Winter Hair Care: Tips for Great Looking Hair at Low Costs

     Winter hair care can take an emotional and financial toll on a person. The last thing you want to do after a long day of childcare, household duties, school, volunteering and/or work is battling with your hair. Also, the costs of finding the best hair care products can leave your pockets empty. Here are some suggestions:


  1. Use the best shampoo for your hair type. For instance, if you hair dry hair, a moisture-rich shampoo is essential to keep your hair looking healthy and shiny. Meanwhile, if your hair is oily, you want to use a plain shampoo (it has a clear appearance in color).
  2. If you shampoo your hair at home, purchase more than one bottle of shampoo when its on sale to prevent yourself from making an expensive, last-minute purchase.
  3. Limit daily shampoo and opt for a few days per week. It allows your hair a rest period and you spend less money on purchasing shampoos.


  1. Once the shampoo has been completely rinsed out, pour a small amount of conditioner onto your fingertips in one hand and rub your fingertips together for an even distribution of the conditioner. This prevents excessive spilling of the conditioner which saves money.
  2. Keeping the conditioner two inches from the scalp (prevents clogging your hair follicles) make sure you run your fingers through your hair and coat from near the scalp to the ends. Leave on based on the specified time given on the bottle/tube.
  3. You can use warm water to rinse but cool water is best since it minimizes frizz/fly aways. However, for a biweekly or monthly deep conditioner, use warm/hot water to maximize your hair’s restoration process since these conditioners tend to have more ingredients.


  1. Coloring can be a tricky process so most hair experts suggest having a professional hair cut. Since this is an expense (a worthwhile expense but an expense), select a specialist based on your hair texture/needs and his/her expertise. For those with monetary concerns, check with a local beauty school and speak with an adminstrator/director since some of these schools provide reduced rates for their students to gain specific experience.
  2. Listen to your stylist suggestion regarding hair color. He/she has the training/knowledge to know what colors look best on an individual based on factors such as complexion, hair texture, and overall facial features. Also, ask about maintaining your hair color to maximize the time between visits which will save you money.
  3. Allow a few weeks to adjust to your new hair color. If you have been a blonde for years, changing to a brunette is a new experience. 

     These are a few winter hair care tips to get you started. Also, your overall health should be considered so watch what you eat, refrain from smoking and drinking, and get enough rest/sleep.