Woman And Man Who Really Are

Women are:
1. People who will be there for life.
2. People who will give birth to your children, though with great pain.
3. People who are looking after you got old.
4. People who will take care of at the moment you were sick.
5. People who will always support you even fail in tens and even hundreds of times.
6. The man who gave his life for you. Even after he threw his ego with you. Even when you hurt him, he stays at your side ..

While the man is ..

1. People who will look after you all your life.
2. People who sacrifice for you.
3. People who menafkahimu.
4. People who take care of at the moment you were sick.
5. People who hug you when you’re sad.
6. People who want to make you happy.

They are as valuable, just that they have differences that sometimes make them hurt each other, and it can only be overcome with understanding from both sides.

Life is short … too short for a variety of arguments … Why are not you happy just your spouse, and fill your days with love, and make your partner smile even wider each day?

Is not it better and happier than hurting each other? Although a lot of things, when in reality, not easy to go through, even sometimes reluctant to travel it.

Look up: get the spirit to go forward.
Looking down: grateful for everything imaginable.
Looking to the side: the spirit of togetherness.
Looking back: as a valuable experience.
Looking inside: for instropeksi.
Looking to the future: to become better.

From the water we learn peace … ..
From our study of the hardness of stone … ..
From the ground we learn of life … ..
Of the butterflies we learn to change ourselves … ..
From humble rice we learn … ..
From God we learn about the perfect love … …
Because no one is perfect …