Woman Finds An Unexpected Surprise In Her Kitchen


What would you do if one morning you heard a weird noise coming from your kitchen and then found a wild animal sitting on top of your microwave? This sounds like a scene from a horror movie, but it’s not! This is exactly what a woman by the name of Kim Fryer found in her kitchen. To make things even scarier, Kim’s young daughter was the one who found the strange animal sitting on top of the microwave.

20. Good Morning


Kim was woken up from her sleep by the sound of her young daughter calling for her. Kim realized that something is wrong by the tone of her daughter’s voice and she rushed downstairs to the kitchen.

19. Wild Animal


To Kim’s surprise, her daughter found a fox sleeping inside their kitchen. Now, this is what we call a good morning surprise! What do you think Kim does next?

18. Scary Moment


Even though a fox might not seem like such a big threat to most of you, this animal actually has a strong bite. Not only that, but the fox can also scratch people and this is why Kim was scared.

17. Is It Hungry?


The first thought that came to Kim’s mind when she saw the fox was what if the wild animal is hungry? Will it bite her or her daughter? This thought terrified Kim and she decided to do something about it.

16. Waking Up


Kim started making noises from the corner of the room in order to wake the fox up. However, the animal didn’t mind the noise and it barely opened its eyes. This is when Kim knew that she had to call for help.

15. Special Help


Kim’s husband was not home and she didn’t have anyone close to call at that moment. However, she knew that she needs to call special help who can deal with this type of situations.

14. The RSPCA


Without giving it too much thought, Kim called the folks at RSCPA to send a unit and help her out. The RSCPA is the biggest animal rescue organization in the UK and Kim made the right decision by calling them.

13. Back Into The Wild


Obviously, the fox couldn’t stay in Kim’s kitchen for any longer and someone needed to take it back to its home, into the wild! Keep reading to see what the folks at RSPCA do when they first see the fox.

12. Chilling Out


The animal rescue volunteers were surprised to see that the fox was not being aggressive. Instead of trying to scare everyone around, the fox was just chilling out on the microwave. 

11. How Did It Get In?


The craziest thing about this fox encounter is that no one could figure out how the animal got it. Kim must have forgotten to lock the doors before going to bed because the windows were closed.

10. Special Care


The animal rescue volunteers took the sleepy fox in their care and they headed to the vet. They wanted to give the wild animal all the special care that it needed before releasing it into the wild.

9. Not Too Happy


As you can probably tell, the fox was not too happy about being placed inside a cage. However, the cage was comfy and the fox got all the food that it could ever ask for so the cage didn’t really matter.

8. Vet Clinic


The animal rescue volunteers didn’t waste any time and they took the fox to a local vet clinic to have her health checked up. Keep reading to find out how the medical results turned out.

7. Everything Is Good


The vet said that the fox is as healthy as it can be and that there’s nothing wrong with it. Hearing this, the animal rescue volunteers knew that the next step was to release the fox back into the wild.

6. Going Home


Even though the fox scared Kim and her daughter, she was now being treated like royalty. The fox got all the medical treatment that she needed and all the food that she could ever eat. Now it was time to go home.

5. Curious Animals


The fox was released into the wild and it ran back to her family in the woods. This story reminds of us another curious fox who decided to sneak into someone’s house.

4. The Second Fox


There is a second fox that did the same as the first one. However, this one got a little bit more bolder and she jumped straight into the cat’s bed. Isn’t this hilarious?

3. Not Happy


The cat was definitely not happy with the fox taking her place and she tried to start a fight. However, the fox was not looking for trouble and it decided to run away.

2. Hungry Fella


Animal experts say that the reason why foxes sneak into people’s houses is to look for food. This is why most of the show up in the kitchen and not in other rooms.

1. Locked Doors


If there is something that we all can learn from this story, then it has to be that we should always keep our doors locked. You never know what kind of wild animal might sneak in.