Women’s Sports: No where to be found

I’m so sick of men’s sports being flaunted around on sports pages and tv stations everywhere. And then there’s no mention of the WNBA or any women’s sports teams. What gives! Women have game. When you finally do see a women’s game broadcasted on TV, you will see thousands and thousands of fans cheering in the stands. You will see young children wearing the jersey of their favorite female athlete. The WNBA gives young women something to admire, something to shoot for in their life. They can dream to be the next Lisa Leslie. However, if the games are not broadcasted , then how can these young children see their heroines.

Women’s sports fans have a difficult time trying to find any mention of women’s sports on ESPN. Day in day out, ESPN has no news on women’s teams. Nothing! Nada! Zilch! It’s so frustrating when you’re looking for a score of a women’s game. You watch Sports Center for quite some time and you get no satisfaction.

Newspapers are about the same. I was reading a copy of the LA Times the other day. I couldn’t find a single article about any women’s sports. However, the only thing that mentioned the word women was an ad for Paradise ShowGirls Free Admission. Bliss Showgirls Fully Nude and VIP Dances. That totally blows!! Come on! There are female fans reading the Times and all they get is that ad on page 4.

The USA Today also has no mention about women’s sports. Just a brief ranking of WNBA teams in their “For The Record” section located on the back page.

Sports Illustrated is no help either except if you count their annual swimsuit issue. I mean please there are so many women’s sports teams doing good.

So much newsworthy material is out there, but we can’t seem to find it. The female fans have a hard time trying to find it. They need to google their sport and maybe they will find a few good links to use to keep up to date on their teams.