Words to avoid using in an ad

Most of the advertisers believe that using bombastic and shocking words can get business. What they do not know is that mostly such extraordinary words or the words promising them extraordinary stuff can actually go against them in advertising.

Many self appointed advertising gurus claim many things. One is that that there are words that, if scattered through the ad, will get you business. It is however a myth, because there are no magic words. Catchy words and phrases offering freebies, or threatening that time is running out, or guarantees etc fail miserably.

Therefore, for a wise advertiser and investor, it is important to know that there are some words that might actually work against instead of in favor of the client. However, most of the people in the marketing world go on using these words over and over again.

They are (and they should be avoided)

1-      Quality – it is very popular but overused word. That is precisely why it is to be avoided. The parameters of quality vary from company to company. For one company quality might involve comfort and luxury while for the other it is in the basics of the system that count in quality. The word has become too clichéd simply because of its overuse.

2-      Value – once again, the word value is relative. The words, “better value” denote different senses for different companies. It depends on what kind of the buyer is buying the product. Also, the time and occasion of purchase and the features and benefits of the product. An economy service as well as a costly service offer value. How will you distinguish? So the words that promise that a particular company offers better value for money are in fact empty promises.

3-      Service – all companies offer good services. No one promises bad service. So there is hardly any difference between ‘service’ and ‘good service’ anymore. This is a word that is best avoided.

4-      Caring – all the businesses in fray with yours claim that they care about customers. To tell that you care for them better is a lie. If the other companies didn’t care for the customer, they would not be in business at all. It is in bad taste to claim that you care more for the customer because that way you are trying to imply that your rivals do not. This proves to be rather a fake claim which customers can see through.

All these words are highly overused and clichéd. They should be avoided because they are based on different kind of paradigms which mean different things to different people. The aims that they focus at are also therefore different.

5-      Integrity – this word however is different, it is not a variable like the others. Most of the companies claim about their integrity.  The trick is to identify that that by talking about integrity, it is actually trying to cover up some lack of integrity. They are also trying to show off that they are higher than the rest of their competitors. The truth of the matter is that every company must have integrity. It is not a choice; it is a compulsion to do business. Therefore, no company needs to advertise what it must have.

Any company that wants to retain its old customers and make new customers must do it by its services and products. It is however, to be remembered that the company that can do it is the one that does it through its services not merely empty words.

What a business person thinks of his company is secondary. It is primary to remember and know what its customers and perspective customers think about it.

Therefore, the use of popular but empty words should be avoided to sell a product. It does not succeed. Wish you Best of Luck!