Working or Studying?

Working or studying?? When we heard about this issue, its kind obsolete to talk. Evethough, it was not a recent issue nowadays, people sometimes still have to think about it too because of our high standard of living. People need to decide either they should continue their study until the reach the highest level of his target or just feel enough with what he have now and start earning money by working.

To start working is a good idea. Why I am saying it was a good idea?First, because now we really need a lots of money because of our standard of living. Secondly, start working at young age could help us in the future because we gains a lot of experience during working. Also, people really want to hire young people because of their strength. Not to forget, most of the company really want to hire young people because the company did not need higher salary compare to the experinced worker, they need to pay them with highest salary.

However, have you think about your future? Yes, when you start working now you may gain lots of experience to work for tomorrow, but do you still want to work at the same position but at different company?

This new era, has forced us to be a person with higher education. Yes, working is important but not as important as studying. You can gain a lot of thing when you studying. For your information, the higher your education, the higher salary you will got (but it still depend on your self motivation).Not to forget, with your higher education you may got highest position in such company. It was not a waste for you to continue studying.

Unfortunately, to continue studying, you need money. But where will you get the money if you are not working?

See!There are many dilemma to choose either want to start working or start studying. In my opinion, just do both. But, how? Let me tell you,you can start studying first and somehow start doing online business to get money. There are many ways to get money using internet for example,Bukisa.

My next post would be the benefit of Bukisa.