Worry About The Baby Blues

This is a very normal part of having a child and instead of being afraid of the baby blues, the best thing you can do is be prepared.As you wait, you should learn everything you can about this emotional time, and understand when to ask for help. You should never let these feelings go unchecked so make sure you have a good support system in place before the baby arrives. Here are some tips to help you better understand the baby blues and when you should worry about your feelings.

What are the baby blues?

The baby blues are just a time when your emotions are at an all time high. Some say it’s because your body is adjusting to hormones after delivery, and much may have to do with the extra stress of caring for a newborn along with everyday stress. When you stop to think about all the requirements you have on you, whether it is to care for a child and other children, returning to work or dealing with an unsupportive spouse, it is no wonder why a child may lead to such emotional feelings. It’s probably safe to say that all women experience some form of emotional distress after childbirth. Some have it much worse than others. In addition, when you talk about the baby blues, also called postpartum depression, it is very important to realize that these feelings can come and go and can last for a few weeks or for several months.

Find the right emotional support: When you have a baby, whether it’s your first or your fourth, you need a good support system. It is always best that your spouse is your emotional support, but for many women that isn’t the case. Sometimes it’s not because the spouse does not want to be supportive, but it may be that the man must travel for long periods of work or work long hours to support the family. This is when you need someone you can turn to for help. This may be your best friend, your mother, your neighbor or even your doctor. You need someone you can talk to openly and honestly if you feel your emotions are overwhelming you. Establish your support system early in your pregnancy and know that you can always turn to these people if necessary.

Get help when you need it: Unfortunately, it is true that many women suffer from severe postpartum depression. Sometimes you can hear about these women on the news. This is the extreme case, and it is these women who somehow fall through the cracks. The bottom line is that if you ever have suicidal thoughts, feelings, or you feel your child is in danger, you should seek help immediately. Never wait. You may be embarrassed or reluctant to let others in on this very emotional time, but you should remember that there is always someone out there who wants to help you. Never let these feelings go unchecked. Talk to your best friend, your spouse or your doctor. It is also very important that those around you know about this emotional time so that they can intervene if it becomes necessary.