Write Autobiography Myself

How to write autobiography myself

What is autobiography? All came from the Greeks: ” auto … “( autos – “myself”, “bio» (bios – life), “Count” – a description ). I write my autobiography myself, I explain simple steps with examples. It turns out that the autobiography – it is an independent description of a person’s life. By this definition, you need to add one more component – an arbitrary, free description. Many well-known books and literary works – the real samples of autobiography. But in this article we will examine how to create an autobiography that with our demand for employment. Compiled an autobiography on a clean sheet, where there are no clues (graph, questions, etc.). So a person, not being bound by any “controls” itself describes his life. A distinctive feature of the autobiography is that the information listed in chronological order. And the way to enforce such order of a few.

What are the three main things to consider for writing autobiography: first-line hyphenated put two dates, indicating the period of time before write autobiography for myself. For example, “1985-1990. Operation of the enterprise Vympel as an engineer for Standardization, “or” 1985-1990 – worked at the enterprise Vympel as an engineer for Standardization . The time period indicated by prepositions. For example: ” From 1984 to 1989 he worked at the “Salute” turner aircraft instruments . ” The date indicated after the event in parentheses. For example: ” to attend graduate school at Moscow State University. MV University (1974). After finishing graduate school (1978) worked as a teacher of labor law at the Sverdlovsk Juridical Institute (until 1984) .

The main blocks of information in autobiography fpr myself, which is necessary personnel department are the following information about the originator:

1. Surname, name, date and place of birth. These data may indicate differently in autobiography. For example: ” I Smirnov, Sergei Pavlovich, born September 9, 1964 in Podolsk, Moscow region . ” You can specify this information and the type of questionnaire: ” Smirnov, Sergei Pavlovich. Date of birth: September 9, 1964. Place of birth: Podolsk, Moscow region . ”

2. Earlier in his autobiography, was taken to indicate social status of parents, such as a family of intellectuals (workers, peasants) . Now people younger than 50 years so do not write – has disappeared need to specify a social class (and thank God). But the need for information about parents not disappeared, so immediately after the surname, name and patronymic, date and place of birth is logical to specify this information. For example: “Born into a family of doctors – a father, Ivan Pavlovich Ruchkin – a surgeon, his mother, Sophia N. Ruchkina – a therapist . ”

3. Completed education (what educational institutions, periods, results myself). Typically, write this: ” High School № 3 of Astrakhan graduated in 1974 . If the originator’s autobiography graduated from high school with a medal, and he considers this information important, should not be limited to a desire to talk about their successes and achievements.
After high school, followed by all levels of education (secondary, higher and post-graduate, etc.). If any institution is not over – indicates the reason. On the basis of such charges, as academic underachievement, as a rule, do not want to write. It is quite another matter if the deduction is “personal” and even “political” in nature, for example: ” From the Institute, was expelled in 1978 from the second year for “anti-Soviet speech.”Since learning (especially in secondary and higher educational establishments) often coincides with the first stage of work, it is desirable to point out that at the same time he worked (at such and such enterprises, in such a period, in such a position or a certain profession).

4. Gainful employment in autobiography. Here is the important information about at what an enterprise, institution or organization, began working in what department, in which office, or for any profession. For example: ” In September 1986, the distribution went to work at the plant “Orbita” as technique . “
If one company originator autobiography he worked for a long time and were moving, then the specified unit, function (profession), and periods. For example: ” In February 1980, was hired by the State Scientific-Research Institute of Road Transport (NIIAT) for the office equipment of a computer center. From 1984 to 1987 – Engineer, operating computers, from 1987 to 1991 – Head of Information and Computing Center . ” Further phases of work specified in other enterprises. If the compiler did not work, it is desirable to provide information about whether he was officially recognized as unemployed, was a labour exchange, whether the training, etc.

In describing the stages of work can draw attention to the “Autobiography” on the reasons for layoffs, displacement and change of profession. Specified blocks of information are the main but not the only ones. Along with training, work in human life there are other important events. In the first place – its change in marital status (married, divorced, widowed, had children, etc.).

Men’s necessarily an indication of periods of military service (for example, ” the military service was called in October 1991 ), and maturity, attitude to conscription, military ranks. Women in his autobiography, it is desirable to reflect periods of leave and maternity leave, childcare. It bears will membership information, participation in trade unions and other public organizations (in the period of study in secondary and higher education; throughout the work), on the execution of public works, etc.