Writing Tips For Bloggers

Amateur and professional bloggers alike can tell you that the key to great blog posts rests in the writing.  Every post you write should be link bait, posted far and wide for everyone to see.  Think about your own experiences.  Will you come back to read a blog whose writing makes you cringe? Here are some great writing tips which will help you get your reader’s attention.

Write with passion.  Your blog wasn’t assigned by a sadistic high school teacher.  You were not coerced into creating your blog.  Why should you write about something you love with the sterility of a surgeon’s operating theater?  Revel in your passion about your subject.  Talk about things that make you mad, that drive you, that make you smile.  Your readers will approve.

Your post must pass the first rule
Editing is an integral part of writing.  You must edit your work.  The first rule of writing is that the work must be interesting to the author.  If you’re falling asleep, your readers will fall asleep.  Do you find it interesting that a gallon of inkjet printer ink is worth more than a gallon of anything else on the planet?  Others will too.  

You are not selling your products, you are selling your ideas.  In sales, you have to attend to the buyer’s ultimate underlying question: what’s in it for me?  If they read for entertainment, be entertaining.  If they read for information, be informative.  Each one of your works strives to answer that question.

Editing neutralizes
As a writer, there is a good chance that you will never be fully and completely pleased with your own work.  Repeatedly editing your work brings it away from the place where it’s real to a clean room.  Self edit your work once to make your words flow easier, edit it again for technical issues.  Do not take your personal flavor away from your blog post.

Focus is essential
Stay on the subject.  It is easier to write thousands of words that have nothing to do with anything.  Accept the challenge of being focused on a single subject.  If you have a long piece with different parts, hone your attention to a single facet for every subheading.   

Tell stories
Your readers love narratives.  They want to hear about the time that you spent at the beach.  Most of all, they want to hear your story in relation to their own ego.  Craft your story to illustrate an essential point.  While you are writing your list articles, your rants, and your how-to guides, relate parts about yourself.  

Simplicity over complexity
Word count is not as essential as readability.  If you are trying to impress people with your post-college vocabulary, you will lose readers.  Pretentiousness does not win friends or influence people.  Spend more time with the little people.  Write as simply as possible.

Action words
Remove the passive voice from your blog posts. Instead of ‘the movie was great,’ try ‘the movie intrigued me.’  Using this technique adds more depth to the meaning of your posts and entices your readers to learn more.

Reading is fundamental
This one made it into the list of writing tips because there is always something to learn.  Reading other people’s works give you different perspectives and tools to work with.  Read more blogs.  Read more Bukisa entries.  Notice how famous authors can turn a phrase to bring you into the action.  And yeah, steal their techniques but not their words.

Write all the time
Nobody creates their perfect work on the first draft.  Granted, some people make excellent first drafts which look better than others’ final work.  If you are a writer, write all the time.  Enjoy the art of wordcrafting.  Try out different techniques.  Follow your bliss, and then go for another round.

When you’re writing, use your passion to engage your readers.  Let the beauty of the words take over.  Give them your world.