You Can Say Goodbye To Wooden Shutters

Wood is normally used to make conventional wooden shutters, which require a lot of maintenance. They are old fashioned and have been a part of architecture since the Colonial Times. They are not closed but you need to oil and shine the hinges regularly.

This may be a good time to change the conventional wood shutters in your home for contemporary options like window shutters made in aluminum or Fiberglass. They can resist all weather and do not close as well as help save on your cost for maintenance and replacement. The exterior of your home will keep looking good for a long time.

Listed here are several kinds of shutters which are available in the market today.

Let us start with the Vinyl window shutters which are affordable, simple to clean and will last for about forty years. These shutters offer your home a very traditional appearance and you don’t have to replace them at regular intervals. They are very light weight and can be got in batten panel, traditional, board, and louvered styles. To make things better, you get them primed and just have to be painted in the color you want.

Composite window shutters look like thick particle boards which have been designed from a combination of rot and weather resistant substance. These shutters are taken out from molds and you can get them in several styles such as louvered, raised panel, board and batten design. They are also available in cupboard patterns which have a hinge at the top allowing you to close and open them, similar to the traditional wood shutters used in the earlier days.

Fiberglass shutters perhaps is the most expensive of the shutters and will look good for about 20 years. These shutters are also molded and are available in a number of patterns like Bahama, board and battened, louvered as well as raised panel style. Fiberglass shutters are more secure and stronger as compared to other kinds of shutters and they also act as a good protection for the windows during hurricanes and storms.

Aluminum shutters are available in many different styles like the faux colonial louvered and the Bahama pattern. They are also pretty strong and give good protection to the windows, and are available in innumerable textures as well as colors to suit your personal style. Only negative as far as aluminum shutters are concerned is that they just have about three years warranty.