You Have Earned a Doctorate In ‘Life’ Education: What Are You Doing With It?


MODE Of Cosmic Therapy: How To Use One’s Innate Gifts And Talents

The obvious fact that you are reading these words indicates and relegates a specific need/desire/inclination so entrenched and unutilized: YOU are, first and foremost, a teacher. (A Wise One, master, expert, mentor, instructor, shaman, healer, scientist, magician, creator, artist, musician, seductress, dramatist, poet, lover of the universe including all its inexpressible formations.}You have something you want and need to share. You are inspired by a unique vision of ‘some sort’ that only you can present with that particular slant. You are guided and directed by a ‘still small’ calming affirmative voice nudging you in the direction of relaying your esoteric words of wisdom, beauty, depth sexual charm, grace, musical splendor in rhapsody not yet experienced.  Bottom line: You desire to merge with others while contributing a piece of inspirational magnificence.

Your unceasing multiplying passion lies in area of teaching, communicating, and enlightening.  You can’t remember a time when you were not geared to learning and sharing whatever knowledge you attained. You grew/expanded/evolved through the embodiment of such stimulating relative knowledge and did not rest until you were able to share it with others. You are also an entertainer. Most people do not understand or appreciate the sacredness in the word entertainer. You realize with full certainty, without understanding how you realize it, that entertainment is a vital part of the educational process.

Life offers itself as the supreme <u>entertainer teaching </u>class through lessons of joy, heartbreak and undeniable surprise.  The lessons gained prove to be invaluable and self-enriching, as does nay significant entertainment. From this premise alone, you crave the fulfilling role model in mentorship as a professional teacher, speaker, entertainer and communicator.  Life is filled to the brim and overflowing with inimitable academic studies as these priceless lessons are gained through blood, sweat, tears and feces of the remnants, to use in practical and applicable ways.  Life never bars the circumstances, people, places, events and/or situations, no matter how unsavory.

If you are a late bloomer, you are even more enthused and motivated to carry forth your strikingly colorful banner of love for humanity. Educational goals arise out of a need to learn first what you need to teach. {{No other deviation.}  Look around in your world; what clues sprinkle your personal space and interactive sphere of commotion?  You KNOW, beyond a shadow of a doubt what particular field of enthusiasm grows for you. The harvest is plentiful and so shall you reap untold rewards. “…work while it is yet day, for the night cometh when no man can work…” (Paraphrased)

Can you recall when your literal burning desire to teach was ignited?  Do you remember when the light went off in your head? An undeniable sizzle started as a fever in your feet then ignited the enflamed warmth that flooded your bosom?  The ‘still small voice’ prodded you gently, reaffirming you were born to do “just this.”  Your eagerness spilled over into every aspect of your otherwise dreary life and you couldn’t wait to tell someone about what you had discovered. You realized with the utmost certainty, you were a promoter of truth, not for the result that would come from it, but for the ever lasting ever present altering exhilarating enlightening presence you experienced and experience momentarily.

Your need to connect and express is unfathomable!  You believe: To learn is to share and when learning ceases does living!  You possess a deeply convicted desire to write books, plays, music, and literature.  You want to interact and discuss various ideas with others who are encouraged by the words you pen. You’d like to sing, dance and jazz up the world with your undying spirit of love and devotion. You believe whole heartedly in the innate goodness of man, and you certainly understand, appreciate and can relate to his passionate sexual sensual artistic nature.  You realize how desperately humanity longs to connect, express, communicate and be understood. To encourage and support this undeniable passion in others is what ‘floats your boat.’

No other option is available to you besides writing your ideas on paper. Without your words of wisdom expressed, no one will ever hear the challenging inspiring insight. You have been given a degree in life, in a specialized field of endeavor. People can and will relate to the experiences you have gone through. With life’s earned degree in hand, you will continue to promote, inspire, and engineer an exceptional program of learning and motivation. You are interested in making a difference while you inhabit the Earth plane and must continue in your felicitous strides to do so.  No longer can you wonder what it is you are supposed to be doing.  You are currently walking the steps in the unfolding process of doing it!!!

You are sincerely interested and devoted to seeing (participating in) the raising of consciousness in mankind. It’s as if you already possess a  doctor’s degree as it falls in the natural progression of the life you have lived thus far. Your particular life (including every hurtful, confusing, heart breaking and disappointing event) has been a ‘more than’ worth while project: the ultimate goal to achieve. IF you have not “put into practice” those distinctive words of wisdom you’ve gained, then, begin this instant. Write daily as a present to yourself. Share this wisdom with a wide array of people throughout the world. No doubt, you are enthusiastically motivated; so, while engaged in your committed work, blended focus, innate talent, combined with a dedication and love of your passionate study, expertise and invested interest, the subject of your mind’s inclination will be divulged in the spirit only you are capable of producing artistically.

You are also aware, that as an instructor (teacher), you will add immeasurable value to the education you aim to share. Although the preparation of your meticulous teaching methods, will involve your time, effort and concentrated work ethics, you can rest assured, convinced that to willingly devote time to theory, research, and practical application, learning the skills and confidence needed to influence the world with your specialized knowledge, a budding youthful effervescent sexuality will grow exponentially in you, as an added benefit. You believe in innovative learning, creative leadership, and original technological teaching methods.
You, as a passionately sensually sexually sacredly endowed human being, are a master of divine essence.  Born as a teacher for mankind, you exhibit individual excitement in various ways and means of artistic expression.  You are imbued with an enormous amount of self-renewing creative energy that demands an outlet of individual expression and by following your god-given creative potential; you will have fulfilled your destiny. “Let your speech be always with grace, ‘seasoned with salt’, that ye may know how ye ought to answer every man.” (Col. 3:6)