You Should Pay Attention When Buying an Aspirator

When you are about to buy an aspirator, you have to keep in mind besides the type of aspirator, your power, the capacitance of the bag or deposit, the filter, the longitude of the cable and of the arm or the noise it makes in functioning.


If you still have not clear what model of aspirator agrees you more, advise you that you read types of aspirator in the market. If you have it clear, give attention to the following characteristics before buying your aspirator:

1.-The power of aspiration and the energy consumption:

The power comes expressed in watts (W).  The major power of the motor, the better the performance is. It is considered a good power 1.100 watts but there is models of till 3.000 watts.

Nevertheless, it is important that the aspirator has a regulator of power since not always  you  use it to maxim boosts or wealth of aspiration, that consume more, but it adapts to each surface.

The capacity  of suction will depend of the power and also of the design of each model and your services. The power of suction it measures oneself in watts of suction or in kilopascals (kPpa), that is an unit of pressure. To major power of suction, more capacity of cleaned out.

To suck in big surfaces it is recommended to choose for the models of electric cordon before for those of battery, these have smaller power and reduced autonomy of functioning.

The necessary power also will depend of the frequency of use: as much bigger it is, less dirtiness you will have to clean out, smaller power will need and smaller will be the energy consumption in your invoice of the electricity.

 2.-The volume or capacitance of the bag or deposit (expressed in ml):

Much more volume, more comfortable because avoids to exchange the bag or empty the deposit.

Some models are endowed with indicating light when it fills the deposit. The suction thing of sleigh and the vertical circle are those of major capacitance. The capacity of the bags of paper goes from the liter and rise until more than six liters.

The models of disposable bag are preferable because spreads less dust when exchanging the bag when emptying the deposit or recipient, although the power of aspiration drops down as beginning to fill up the bag of dust and  the circulation of the air is difficult.

There is a model without bag that incorporate technology of compression of the dust, that forms compact blocks of dust that are more hygienic and easy to empty by avoiding so to disperse the particles of the withdrawal.

3.-The filter:

Almost all aspirators incorporate appropriate filters, so much to protect to the motor and that the aspirate dust does not get out to the environment again. Better if they are washable.

The HEPA filters( of the English High Efficiency Particulate Air ) have excellent properties. But other models of filters are similar effective. The HEPA filters have small fiber-glasses that form a very dense sieve it permits capture tiny particles. Once the polluting particles have gone through the filter they cannot return again to the air due to your highly absorbent pores.

There is different levels of quality of the filter have in a scale of the 10 to the 14. Also they exist washable antibacterial filters, as the CORE filters. The filters of activated carbon eliminate the bad smells and are practical if there are mascots at home.

The model “ecological” has a filter of water that is cleaning all kind of dry, liquid or humid dirtiness.

4.-The longitude of the cable and of the arm or suction tube:

How much more longer is the cable, major will be the operating range of the aspirator, that is to say, the area that you will be able to clean out without have to search for other fitting. The stocking of acceptable longitude might be from 7 to 8 meters.

For your part, the long tube facilitates the cleaning of high places and incorporates extending additional tubes. Almost all models include retractile cable or winds-automatic cables.

Better with revolving elbow to aspire in different directions without have to drag the motor and it improve the aspirators of flexible hose and ergonomically beginning of a story.

5.-Noise it broadcasts in functioning:

It is necessary to   fix in the volume that reaches the aspirator in functioning (measured in decibels, DB ) but also in the frequency of the sound ( measured in herz, hz ). It expresses oneself of the following mode in the energy label: “Noise level: Noise (dBA)/frequency (Hz) ”.

6.-System of security:

The aspirator counts on safety devices as:

 Stops the motor in the presence of the absence of bag or when this is ill setting,

 Indicators they inform of the filled bag, to exchange or that the filter is saturated, or

 Systems of thermal security

 Protections of the exposed parts with blows against corners or furniture

 Protections in the wheels to avoid spur on a horse the surfaces, etcetera.

7.-Other services they facilitate the use:

 That is easy to transport: the weight, the handle (that is ergonomically), that the wheels are multidirectional, etcetera.

 That is easy to manage: that the commands can be driven with the foot, that brings different extending tubes and brushes, that has sensors of dirtiness they indicate when repasts a specific area of the surface or of the carpet ( although this characteristic raises the price of the product ), that brings bumper to not to damage the furniture, etcetera.