Young Couple Finds Diaper Bag, Looks Like There’s Something In It


It was a cold Christmas even in Naples, Long Beach when Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui went out for a walk. The young couple wanted to enjoy the special night together while the fireworks light up the sky. However, the young couple ended up having an entirely different night after they found a random diaper bag on the street.

20. Special Night

A young couple from Long Beach was looking to have a special night together. Little did they know, their night would turn into something truly special after they pick up a random bag forgotten in the middle of the street.

19. Long Beach

Naples, Long Beach is renowned throughout the world for the amazing parties that take place there during Christmas Eve. This is why people from all over the country come to visit Long Beach during Christmas and some these people bring a lot of money with them.

18. Big Surprise Los Angeles

These two are Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui and as previously mentioned, they were going out into the city to enjoy a special night. However, they were in for a big Christmas surprise as you will find out.

17. Havin Fun Los Angeles

The young couple was having fun in the middle of the city when they spotted something strange sitting on the corner street. It was a brown diaper bag and it caught the interest of Gabriel.

16. Brown Bag Los Angeles

Gabriel figured out that someone must have forgotten the brown bag behind and he wanted to try and return it. However, his eyes lit up when he saw what was hiding inside the bag.

15. Cash Money Los Angeles

To Gabriel’s surprise, the brown diaper bag was filled with $5,000 in cash! He couldn’t believe his eyes. How could someone forgot this much money behind? Something strange must be going on here…

14. Incredible Thing Los Angeles

What would you if you somehow found a bag filled with $5,000 in cash? Well, what Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui did ended up getting them on the news and making them local stars in Long Beach.

13. Leather Wallet Los Angeles

As Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui were looking through the bag and trying to think about what to do with the money, Gabriel found a leather wallet. The wallet contained an address and this is when the young couple figured out what they had to do next.

12. Waiting All Night Los Angeles

The documents that the young couple found showed them that the $5,000 belongs to a family from the Philippines. This is when Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui decided to stay out all night long and wait for someone to come back and reclaim the bag and the $5,000 cash.

11. Finding The Address Los Angeles

Unfortunately, no one showed up to reclaim the brown diaper bag. The young couple decided to search for the address of the family who lost the money and to get in contact with them the next day.

10. Good Deed Los Angeles

Even though most people would’ve simply taken the money and then leave the brown bag behind, Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui are not most people. They wanted to do the right thing instead. Check out the next picture to see who is the man that lost the money.

9. The Meeting Los Angeles

Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui called the man who’s identity documents were stored inside the brown diaper bag and set up a meeting. The man couldn’t believe what he was hearing, he thought that he was never going to get his money back.

8. The Right Thing Los Angeles

Now that the meeting was set up, Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui headed over to the man to hand him over the money. They were in for a big surprise once again.

7. Big Hug Los Angeles

The man waited for the young couple to come and he greeted them with a warm hug. His hands were shaking. The man was holding his baby in his arms and he was nearly brought to tears after finding out that his money are being returned.

6. Rent Money Los Angeles

The man told the young couple that they saved his and his family’s life. The $5,000 money are for rent and to buy food for the young baby girl that he is holding in his arms. At this moment, the young couple knew that they did the right thing.

5. Powerful Moment Los Angeles

The was still in shock. He said that he looked for the diaper bag all night long and that he couldn’t find it anywhere. He thanked Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui for helping him out. The $5,000 are all his family’s money!

4. Heartfelt Thank You Los Angeles

Since the man needs to use the $5,000 for food and rent, the only thing that he could offer to the couple was a heartfelt thank you. Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui said that they don’t need anything more than this. Aren’t they amazing?

3. Great Story Los Angeles

This is a great story that shows us there is still good in people. Nonetheless, what would you do if you ever find $5,000 in cash just lying in the middle of the street?

2. Greed Los Angeles

Truth be told, Gabriel Ruiz and Gabriela Jauregui needed the money for their school tuition and rent as well. However, they didn’t let greed get to them and they still did the right thing anyway.

1. Good People

If there is something that we can take from this story then it is that we should always help out whenever you can. Just imagine how much trouble the man and his little baby girl would’ve went through if the $5,000 were not returned to him.