Your Birth Order And Your Personality

In fact, yes, it does however silly it sounds – your birth order does show in your personality as you grow up. Ultimately children will be who they are but there are some subtle changes that depend largely on the order of their birth. Unbelievably, many characteristics as you grow up are dependent on your birth order and there are many instances to back this up. Ever noticed the oldest children in all families have similar traits? You may also see traits in yourself when you consider the lineup. 

As the oldest in the family, you will definitely have great leadership skills and will be the more responsible one in the family. Though this may not be true for every older child, usually the older ones help the parents with the younger ones. This responsible role may not always be a second nature for the oldest sibling but it happens more often than not. Being the oldest also means being the most disciplined as parents tend to lax a little bit more on the rules with each child through the birth order. Due to this reason, firstborns are usually more passionate and strong in their jobs as well.  

If you are the last in the birth order, you are probably oozing with confidence. This is because since you came last, you have always had a lot of attention from both the parents and the other siblings that came before you. Despite this, those born last in the birth order are more laid back in life than the oldest and may not get into any high powered jobs instead settling for a career in any artistic job or jobs that benefit the society at large. This, again, may not be the case with all those born last in the birth order. 

As far as those born in between are concerned, it could be a bit tricky! Some of these could feel quite neglected and could end up craving attention. This shows up in their personalities as they grow up. Though, it is not always a bad thing to crave attention. Those in the middle of the birth order work really well in a group which is as desired a trait as is leadership in the oldest in the birth order. Since the children born in the middle of the birth order do not have it as hard as the oldest, just like the youngest – all of them maintain a more laid back attitude in life.