Your Choices For Toe Fungus Treatment

Toe fungus treatment may be something you are too embarrassed to talk about. You probably do not even tell your doctor that you have the problem. Chances are you simply avoid a situation where anyone will see your feet. Believe it or not there are choices for you to be able to treat your condition. You might not even know about some of the things that can help you in this situation.

Try home remedies if you want to start working towards you cure without telling anyone. There are many you can attempt and some are touted as being great for this problem. Tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar are among the top favorites of those who have attempted the home remedy route. They help prevent the fungus from spreading and cure what is already on your feet. It requires a consistent schedule of treatments but it could pay off in the end.

Diet is another of the many ways you can help your feet. If you are having this problem then you definitely want more probiotics in your system. Yogurt is a good one to add. It is also time to cut back on how many refined carbs you eat in a day. Your diet may not cure you but you will find it plays a vital role in your success.

Buy some over the counter drops or ointments and give them a try. They take several months to show results but many people rave about how well they work. You would likely be pleased if you used them correctly for a while. The problem with them is their cost. They are quite pricey and may not be an option for the budget conscious.

Asking a doctor can get you somewhere as well. They can prescribe medications that are strictly made for this problem. They work well. You might have to wait several months to see the results, but you will see them. Your problem will occur if your insurance chooses not to cover the medication. This could lead to out of pocket costs for you.

Surgical options should be a last resort but they are an option. A podiatrist performs the surgery either by laser or scalpel. The good side is that the results are instantaneous. The bad side is that you have healing and recovery to deal with. You also may have an insurance company that overrides this decision early on.

Once you have cured the problem the goal is to keep it gone. You want to practice all of the preventive measures you can. Wash your feet anytime you visit a public pool, beach or water park. Always wear socks. Most importantly, you want to keep your toes dry at all times. If they get wet, dry them off and change to a clean and dry pair of socks. The moisture causes the condition to spread.

You are not alone in this battle. Many people suffer from the same problem. You have choices and they work. You just need to find the right one for you. It will not be long until you have discovered the perfect toe fungus treatment to meet your needs.