Your Guide To Canary Diamonds

Not many people are aware that diamonds come in many colors. When you say diamond, many would think of a white brilliant precious stone. Before, pure and white diamonds are the most desired and aspired for.

Nowadays, however, more and more people are discovering the beauty, rarity and elegance of colored diamonds, particularly canary diamonds. The rich and the famous of our generation pine for bright yellow, pink, blue, green, silver, red, orange, brown and even black diamonds to highlight their uniqueness and individuality.


As the name implies, canary diamonds are yellow in color, much like the bird that it was named after. There is a wide variety of yellow diamonds. Light or pale yellow diamonds are less valuable than pure white diamonds.

However, as the yellow tinge gets deeper and brighter, the price becomes steeper. As a result, some canary diamonds are harder to find and more precious than their white counterparts.

Canary diamonds, which are considered as fancy colored diamonds, can be natural, or treated or color-enhanced. As expected, diamonds with natural bright yellow colors are more preferred than the color-enhanced ones. However, more and more people are now opting to buy synthetically colored diamonds because it is much more affordable than natural canary diamonds.

Pure and natural canary diamonds, which are sometimes called lemon drop or lemon stones, are not only bright in color but also flawless, with no traces of red, brown, or green tinge to dim or mar the stone. This type of yellow diamond is also the most rare, that is why it can fetch thousands of dollars per carat.

Ideal setting for canary diamonds

Since this is a colored stone, you cannot just place it in any type of settings. Canary diamonds are ideal center diamonds for engagement rings. Since yellow stones symbolize happiness, joy, and wealth, many choose canary diamonds for their betrothal rings. In fact, hotel heiress Paris Hilton has received a 24-carat canary diamond engagement ring from her then fiancé Paris Latsis.

The setting of this sunshine stone, when used in engagement rings, must be clear and open. This will help make the diamond sparkle more brightly from every directions. However, it is unwise to choose a channel, bezel, or other closed settings for this very rare and bright precious stone because it might dull its luster and color. You can only use closed settings for canary diamonds if they have flaws that need to be hidden. Aside from using this sunshine stone as an engagement ring, you can also use it for brooches, pendants, bracelets, earrings and even toe rings.

Accents and metals to make canary diamonds look brighter. The best side stones for canary diamonds are flawless white diamonds. The contrast in color would make the canary stone stand out and shine. Small red and orange gemstones are also ideal accent stones for canary diamonds.

Yellow gold will not flatter your canary diamonds. In fact, this metal will dull the color and brightness of the stone. If you want your canary diamond to stand out, use white gold or platinum.

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