Your Life And Yoga in Modern Days

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Yoga is catching up faster than expected. In spite of its origin in India and being as old as creation, its adoption in practices and thoughts has gained momentum globally and that too only very recently. Where were we? And why such an immediate hullabaloo has surfaced over it? I have tried to emphasize the importance of Yoga amidst our modern life style. Basically my intention is to clarify the seemingly clash between the two with and unbiased approach.

Why is there much hype about yoga? Are we bored with our life or slowly we are losing faith in the modern system of therapy? People are looking at yoga to answer some of their unsolved problems in life. And in this process, the attention is quite naturally dragged to our lifestyle. People’s life style today cannot be decided in isolation. It is mostly controlled and guided by admixture of people’s activities together. If I like to perform in a particular manner or to have a life style that better suits to me, perhaps I will find no space on earth to satisfy my wishes.

Today our life style is not genuinely ours; rather it is an artificial cover in which we try to adjust ourselves. Then, who to be blamed? Can we throw the responsibility on any individual for dragging us in a lifestyle which we don’t approve? We cannot blame anyone. The run behind materialism is so ruthless that we have lost the breath for keeping us at mental peace. We have lost the direction that tortures us and life seems like a machine running and running without ever being asked what it wants.

The modern life style has made our life stressful. Every one of us is suffering with one or the other grieves. The actual definition of “health” somehow is missing from life and we are not able to meet its requirement in-toto. Modern science defines health as “health is being in state of sound body, sound mind and sound spirit. Today we are so stressed that though we do take care of our bodily health but somehow we are missing the soundness of mind and spirit. Almost all of us cover ourselves with body health insurance. But who has ever given a thought on his mental peace. Do we ever think of covering ourselves with a cover that could guarantee mental peace? Perhaps not! We wonder. Are we really busy? And if it is so, then for what is it? There is thought to ponder. Many of us might know. God once mused and told to another God “do you know what the biggest irony with human is. He is busy whole life first losing health to earn money and then spending that money to gain health.”

Being a social animal we are part of a system created by our own developments. We are bound to go along the wind; otherwise we will be doomed to fail. But is there no way out? Should not we try to revive the oblivious forgotten clues to our wholesome health?

Yoga and pranayam gives us the tool to ease out our stress. Yoga makes its way very quietly in between the very busy schedules of our life styles to get the life going smoothly. These are the very facts which were supposed to be very urgent long time back. But they lost their sheen in pursuit of materialism where mental peace was ignored over bodily pleasure.

People today suffer more with lifestyle disease like diabetes, bold pressure, heart stokes, asthma and so many others. We call it development related disorders which are more rampant in developed countries than in developing or underdeveloped. Infectious diseases, unhygienic and unsanitary environments are now no more considered big threats. So no wonder, many people are turning back to adopt yoga in their life as a support system to rejuvenate their zest to live healthy.

It is not that, people don’t want to have a healthy life. All of us are pretty conscious about our health. But we are living under destitution where the need to earn bread and décor a cozy bed makes us like puppet in the hands of our owners. We dance to the tune of our masters. We leave home early to reach to office. We return home late. Sometimes we have our food sometimes we are forced to miss. We take too much load to deliver to the “projects” “subprojects” and “mega projects”. And what does the project mean to your life? You can’t answer. You don’t have anything to give and take with that project but to earn your bread and butter. So why are you spoiling your life for something which you cannot define, or which you cannot associate with your life directly?

But don’t lose hope. We understand that empty stomach needs first to be filled and then only a good health can be thought and talked. It is absolutely in our hand to decide a balance between our work and personal care. You work hard but at the same time take time out to perform yoga.

Yoga gives opportunity to your body to get optimum visceral and muscular stretches, optimum oxygen and optimum relaxation to your tired organs. It helps improve metabolic functions leading to enhanced digestion, respiration and adequate excretions. We all know “mens sana in corpor sano”: a healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Yoga helps us maintain a body in that soul spirit and mind can work together towards attainment of mental peace.

There are many resources available to perform yoga the paid teachers/guru CDs, VCDs, audio lesions, books etc. They all deal with the process in entirety. I will here tell you some of the basic requirements in practicing yoga based on my experience.

The first and foremost requirement is to have willingness to practice it. You must associate yoga to your psyche that it is the way to attain what you want, be it your body health, or be it mental peace or be it mental power. This willingness translates 100% of your yogic performance into physical and spiritual gain.

Since the appropriate time to perform yoga is morning hours (brahm moohurt), it should be practiced from 5:00 am to 6:00 am.

Getting up early is never meant to be at the cost of compromise with sleep. A 7-8 hours sound sleep is mandatory. To get up at 5:00 am, you must go to bed as early as possible. You must be in bed by 10:00 pm latest. Here is the bottleneck most of us surrender. When we work hard in job till late, we return home late. Late dinner and then everything late-late-late! But be honest to you, are you being paid to overwork? Then? No job schedule forces you to work beyond 8 hours a day. The only difference is that we are slave to stand to our overambitious targets and expectations. I would request to my readers to read the famous mail (widely circulated through mail attachments) of Infosys chairman Narayan Murthy.

To sleep early you should take dinner/supper early. All this seems difficult initially but then this difficulty is own made. It is more a problem of habit than compulsion.

Immediately after getting up freshen up and void your bowel. Don’t take any edible or drink even if you are in habit of assisted purgation. If at all you wish to drink water take least possible.

While performing yoga the tuning of breathing (inhalation and exhalation) with physical movements are very important. Mind it and initially take advice of experts and books video etc.

Never overburden/overstretchyourself to achieve a pose or posture.

Our brain and mind has tendency to deviate and wander to various activities and thoughts. Try to focus attention to what you are doing. This will be 100% effective. Otherwise you will feel deprived of concrete outcome.

Perform Yoga always in an open space where clean and fresh air is available. Avoid performing it in a closed house. People usually use misquotes repellants (chemicals fumes) at night. These pervade the room till morning so avoid such environment.

Last but not the least trust what you are doing. Have faith in Yogic practices and try to see its impacts with a positive vision and feel.