Your Sexy Mind

The Human Mind

During the course of my study of

TheHuman Mind,

 I have found two factors

Which help folks of all ages to remain healthy

These   are sex, in any form…

 Mutual or  solo


Walking at least for 45 minutes at good speed,

regularly and daily.

On Sundays and holidays one could walk more

and on week days curtail,

according to availability of time.

Thrust or Thirst

Exotic as it may seem

If after foreplay

In between
the thrust,
is thirst
taken up first,

Hope you understand
what it means
thirst first
thrust later
poetry becomes thirsting better

If thrust comes
much later.

This is not any interpretation
but thrusting gesticulation

If it’s only
a poetic palpitation,

hopefully to your


How MONUMENTALLY ignorant, I have been in not realizing that you are taking so much pains in improving, a novice poet with such lovely feedback which my ignorance has had the audacity to not so realize. That you have read 100 percent of my poetry, to decipher that only 5 percent is worthy of praise merits salutation, which I ought to have rendered much earlier than the onslaught of time. Kindly excuse this miniature Bard of ones mortal ignorance and late awakening.

 Your good wishes and blessings I continue to seek, as on the pedestal of success the foundation of which you lay, I assure my insignificant self that I shall be elevated beyond the realms of times scourges, and my name shall lay on the lips of each and every poet, who credits you, for with the magnificent position this site shares across the Internet. As much as I seek your pardon , I also seek your blessings to  glorify my five percent worth , at least I’m not  fit totally for the garbage bin of time

I have taken this opportunity to finally publish my articles here, as I think this is a good site.But I am not aware as to why after getting good reviews, the article  is removed. Hopefully these one now published, will not.If the Administration  decides to publish first then remove it then they must  tell the authors the specicfic shortcomings Thank you BUKISA ADMIN .

Frustraty You, Dear Poet

You think any site pays

You should feel gr888

They published you

With all the techy problems

You are welcome to go

Have a better innings elsewhere

Au revoir dear friend

No one here,

No one else knows

Nor, anyone shall

Ever miss you!