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20 Unforgettable Queer Eye Moments That Taught Us A Lesson

Yanina Álvarez

Published on 04-14-2020 by Yanina Álvarez

Like all Netflix series, Queer Eye was a complete success from the very beginning. Not only do Karamo, Jonathan, Bobby, Antoni and Tan make us enjoy and sympathize with every situation, but they also give us the opportunity to constantly learn a new lesson. Anyone could tell that directors weren't just thinking on broadcasting home arrangements and makeovers. And that’s what we find significant and moving: the show is not superficial at all, but it rather encourages people to recognize and accept yourself, and most importantly, to learn to love yourself. The Fab Five are constantly teaching us that life is not perfect and that we can have moments were we might need help from others, and it’s ok to ask for help, because we can’t handle everything on our own. So are you ready? Don't miss these 20 lessons that Queer Eye has taught us.

Photo: Netflix